Tom Farrell took a deep breath in the basement of Whitfield Funeral Home. It stunk of formaldehyde, musk and mold. All of which, the young schoolteacher supposed, made for a more motivated buyer. This part of the funeral home was dimly lit by a string of sixty-watt light bulbs hanging along two overhead beams. Coffins, arranged by price and material, were displayed oblong on wooden pallets against the wall on the cement floor. Infant and smaller coffins hung by piano wire. Tom now understood the demands of the dead placed upon the living for those left unprepared. Only, I should've been prepared. This should've been done six months ago. He willed himself not to cry. "Take your time," old Norm Whitfield said, sitting atop the basement's bottom step. "Box of tissues over there." He gestured to a box of Kleenex on top of a nearby shelf, his Vermont twang unmistakable. Tom looked at the first casket on the left-hand row, a lovely brass capsule that someone in a mausoleum could appreciate. Or afford. He walked to the next coffin and looked at the placard, wondering how he would pay for any of these. He continued down the row quickly, barely glancing at the display cards.
    Liz Hughes, Synchronized Chaos MagazineNetGalley
  • Absolutely fantastic! Silver Lake is a gripping thriller that will grab your attention from the very first page. It is one of those rare novels that will ramp up your adrenaline so when you reach the end you will have to wait to read another because nothing will compare. Tom Farrell’s father has died and left Tom deep in debt. Tom is a teacher at an elementary school. Before Tom can even bury his father someone cuts the brake line to his truck.  He gets into an accident and finds out someone has tried to kill him. Other bodies start turning up. In an ill fated attempt to frame Tom, someone places a gun in a gym bag in his school locker and gets him fired. This is definitely a must read. Excellent book, excellent writing. I would love to see this book made into a movie. I very highly recommend it!!
  • Great book, highly recommended, cannot praise highly enough.