An Observation

Silver Lake
July 6, 2017

Maybe it’s me. You write what you think is a good book and those that have read it agree. Except finding an agent was an exercise in madness.


So I went with what’s called a hybrid publisher; you pay a fee to help mitigate the costs of getting it in print ‒ if your work is acceptable. Not completely self-published, but not traditional either. But finishing my second novel and shopping for editors, one asked me about my first book.


“I went with Christopher Matthews Publishing, a hybrid.”

“What’s that?” the editor asked.

“I paid a nominal fee to get it out.”

“Ah, self-published,” she said.


“You pay, it’s self-published,” was her response.


A bit harsh, I thought. Working with Jeremy Soldevilla (of CM Publishers) has been a joy and I recommend anyone on the fence to look at his submission requirements. He knows the industry and never fails to offer feedback, whether it a question of publicity or author platform.


My second novel, tentatively titled “Sundown Liberty”, is a Cold War-era suspense/thriller set in South Korea, 1985. Because I was stationed there in the late 1970’s, I had a unique perspective of life there, both in the civilian village and Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek. Given the recent tensions between North Korea and the Western Hemisphere, my timing was spot on.


I hope you enjoy the work.


Thank you all.



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